lauantai 20. syyskuuta 2014

Supra RPG & WP8

Supra RPG - Update

Supra RPG has always been a bit laggy on windows mobile devices. This patch aims to fix the problems with the performance. Hope the game is more enjoyable now!


*Up to 100% Increased FPS.
*40% Reduced package size.


*Added sound effects.
*Fixed music&sounds for WP 8.1


*Fixed the Arcane Lance and several other skills that were able to do damage multiple times on the same entity.

-Known Issues-

*LevelUp message is not showing up (you still get the level up bonuses)
- Will fix the mentioned problem.

Supra RPG - Update

*LevelUp message is shown again.
*Reduced the package size for 5%.

PS. Please email if there is any bugs or issues with the game! That would help the development a lot.