tiistai 3. kesäkuuta 2014

Supra RPG 1.5 - Windows 8

The new patch for Supra RPG is in the Windows 8 -store.

New features include:

-Added "The Elemental palace" -content
-Added Beastiary and modified statistics
-Added "Hunter" and "Devastation" -skilltrees
-Added Item specialities (example: Wooden Sword can be "Light" and thus give increased movement speed!)
-Countless bug fixes
-Stability optimization
-UI -reworked
-Graphical updates

1. Figure: Beastiary

2. Figure: Item specialities

3. Figure: Reworked UI

4. Figure: Devastation -skilltree

5. Figure: Hunter -skilltree

PS. The WP8 version is on the way, but I need some time with optimization to get it working well enough.

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