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Supra RPG - Demonic Realm

I've been working on a sequel and new content for the original Supra RPG. There has been lot of fixing to be done as I wanted to keep the experience fresh. Original Supra RPG will get a content update that will give one final level and boss to tie it in with the upcoming sequel.

What's new in the Supra RPG II?

-Dozens of bosses
-New levels that can be up to 3x bigger than before!
-New skills & skilltrees
-New items
-Actual dialogue


Rage, Spell and Endurance.

The skilltrees in Supra RPG didn't really have any synergy together. The skilltrees will be updated to branching trees where you can choose to upgrade specific skill if you want to. There was also a problem with ever-increasing complexity and hence it was hard to keep track how fast the player could get overpowered. (Devastation skilltree and Combustion = Uh-oh).


Tree is an offensive tree, for heavy physical damage. But you will be vulnerable.


Tree has potential for high magical damage at the cost of mana.


Tree focuses on defensive gameplay where you focus on survival.


The items posed a problem in original Supra RPG as well. There were couple of REALLY overpowered weapons. There was also a problem where the player would just change the weapon if he got a new one, because it's probably better anyways. This problem was partly remedied with "special" -skills that added special attributes to items (such as giving chance of firing a spell towards enemy) that changed to gameplay. The player could then switch their talents to suit the new items. Problem with one-time-treasures is obviously that you won't revisit the dungeons often, or ever. 

I'm aiming to build a system where there is a chance for different items from the treasure chest or boss. There would be a small chance to get unique weapon from the chest but more often than not, you would get something else. With bosses you would always get specific item from a set pool of items. With harder difficulties you would have chance for even stronger weapons etc. 

The main idea is to increase the replayability of the game. Whether it's a some sort of a highscore list or evolving content it needs to be there! 

Demonic Realm - Supra RPG II is set to launch this summer!

I'll send some pictures here in the coming weeks.

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